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The Boston GlobeJune 21, 2017

“Just anything and everything that involves moving the body in a mindful way is something that I really, really love,” she said in an interview. She said the combination of yoga and marijuana “just translates to you feeling amazing and feeling healthy and feeling synchronized.”

Boston MagazineJune 20, 2017

“It’s almost a subconscious yes. When people hear about it or see it, they immediately grasp that those two things go hand in hand,” Mulvey says. “People get very excited about it. They’re like, ‘This is true, this is real.

"“I want to build community with this,” Mulvey says. “I want to foster an environment where you’re getting to know other cannabis consumers and you’re being social and you feel welcome. It really attracts all types of people.”

Boston's Classic Rock 100.7 WZLXJune 21, 2017

It came out the other day that a new yoga class will be coming to Cambridge and it has something special added to it. That special something would be cannabis… or to the layman, marijuana.

Los Angeles TimesNov. 20, 2016

“When people are able to go to a restaurant or a coffee shop or a yoga studio and have the freedom to consume cannabis, I think for them it will legitimize the fact that this is [no longer] underground, they’re not in somebody’s basement. This is a business and we’ve gone through the proper channels – through our neighborhoods, through our communities, through our city – to be able to allow supervised consumption of cannabis.”

Washington PostMar. 31, 2017

Who has the lockdown on what yoga means? Stacey Mulvey believes that the definition of yoga is flexible and continually expanding


“I’m so excited that I now have the opportunity to apply for a permit and [be able to] allow for THC consumption right alongside the CBD we’ve been consuming,” Mulvey told Civilized.

303Mag.comApril 20, 2017

Stacey Mulvey and her team host classes in the Denver community, and now in Washington D.C. as well. Marijuasana classes incorporate both CBD tea and marijuana throughout the hour-long class