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Why Cannabis Yoga  

Marijuasana believes in a holistic and contemplative approach to cannabis, and intends to create mindful and secular experiences that embrace healing. Classes are fun and inclusive, and foster community. Marijuasana advocates for legalization and education with respect to cannabis and hemp. 

When cannabis is used mindfully, you may experience a flow state; or an enhanced state of consciousness. Marijuasana classes fuses together cannabinoids and mindful movement to produce this state of flow.

Cannabis, unites people of diverse backgrounds and yet we are still facing an outdated and unfair stigma thanks to prohibition. Marijuasana provides a social setting where cannabis enthusiasts or curiosity seekers may overcome embarrassment, and find acceptance. It provides space for dialogue and education, and for conscious consumers to build community with one another.

Join us at pop ups in major cities like Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, Denver, Washington DC, Portland and other locations where cannabis is recreationally legal. CBD yoga classes are legal everywhere, and are taught nationwide.


"This was the best class I've ever attended. I've never felt so at ease during a class."

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 Creator of Marijuasana, Stacey Mulvey


Stacey Mulvey loves teaching movement, viewing it as a spectrum of energy--from yin to yang and everything in between. Growing up in SLC Utah, Mulvey left the Mormon church at 21 in protest over its discrimination towards the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and minorities. Overweight and unhappy, she began practicing and teaching mindful movement in Callanetics after having an epiphany about mortality and taking control of her own quality of life. Eventually, Mulvey discovered that cannabis helped her concentrate and enhanced her motivation. Upon moving to Colorado, she began teaching pole dancing at Boulder Spirals while training directly under second-generation Pilates instructors and founders of the internationally renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, the world's foremost teacher training school for classical Pilates instructors. Mulvey continued her studies at Naropa University in yoga, painting, and psychology. After completing her coursework honing her skills in mindful and meditative practices, Mulvey launched Marijuasana where she now travels the U.S. and internationally teaching all-inclusive classes fusing the wonders of cannabis with yoga, flow, and mindfulness meditation.

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