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Yoga poses done along with cannabinoids will provide you with a delicious, sensual experience that takes you out of your everyday reality. Marijuasana teaches a slow and controlled style of yoga, which engages your attention and directs your awareness to the feeling of your body from within. When you ingest CBD from hemp or cannabis, you may find that the sensory enhancing properties of cannabinoids (the components of cannabis and hemp) deepen your somatic and proprioceptive experience. Cannabis also supports the practice of yoga by increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, reducing muscle spasms. and relieving pain.

We aim to create just the right conditions for achieving a flow state through the doable challenge of engaging the mind to move the body, while utilizing the relaxing properties of marijuana and hemp to stay in the "zone". 

In other words, time slips away, sense of self dissolves, and you feel amazing.

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The Experience



Engage your mind with the breath and concentrate. Because you'll receive descriptive cues full of imagery to describe the different movements, your attention will be drawn to your body in novel ways, and you'll conceptualize embodied space and motion differently.

You'll also learn about the health benefits of the cannabinoids and terpenes, as information about hemp and cannabis is provided and layered verbally throughout each class.


Somatic movement is the perception of your body from within. Cannabis affects this sense by influencing parts of the nervous system that regulate movement.

During Marijuasana your senses deepen as your awareness is drawn to your somatic experience. Because your endocannabinoid system will be getting nourishment from the complimentary CBD provided in each class, you'll feel more in tune with your body during your practice, and less soreness after.


Marijuasana teaches contemplative cannabis, and takes an integrated approach to wellness through being mindful of mind and body, individual and community, physical and emotional dualities. The only preaching you'll receive will be in regards to advocacy for cannabis legalization and the relentless promotion of a healthy body.

An optimal state of consciousness, or a sense of being part of something larger may come from the increase in challenge due to the movement, and the balance of relaxation induced by cannabinoids.



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Nationwide events

Marijuasana yoga pop-ups have been held all over the United States, and are able to be held everywhere.  

 Cannabis Yoga Pop-ups are held nationwide.

Nationwide events


The whole plant hemp extracts Marijuasana provides at yoga pop-ups is produced by Bluebird Botanicals

Cannabis/Social Consumption

Events featuring social consumption of cannabis are held in recreationally legal states, in private homes, where participants may bring their own cannabis containing THC. 

Interested in hosting or sponsoring Marijuasana in your location?

Marijuasana pop-ups are a unique experience, and distinct from the typical "kush culture" event. Our classes are "contemplative cannabis" based, with themes of mindfulness, community and awareness. 


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