10 Reasons for a Home Workout

When I changed my lifestyle to make exercise a priority, I couldn’t afford to pay for a gym membership, nor did I want to. I had been to gyms, and had come away with the impression that they are smelly, loud, and harshly-lit spaces where there is usually a lot of grunting coming from the weight-lifting section. Besides the monthly fee that you inevitably get pressured into, there’s the expectation that one should dress in fancy and expensive clothing in order to be there. I knew that if I didn’t keep things realistic and start small, my exercising habits would never get off the ground. Working out at home also meant that a lot of the excuses I made for not exercising could no longer apply. I started working out at home because deep down I didn’t want to believe that starting a good habit needed to be that complicated, and time and experience has proven that insight to be correct. Here are my 10 Reasons to Work Out at Home.

1. Cannabis

My yoga includes cannabis. I have many reasons, but the primary one is that it makes me feel fucking great. Even when I was sedentary I used to get high and stretch. I experience a body high from cannabis and it drove me to want to move my stiff muscles when I ingested it. My workout habit would never be where it is now had I not used this movement-enhancing substance right along-side of my exercise. Now I supplement with CBD (Cannabidiol), as well as smoking flower; and it has increased my proprioception, reduced the soreness in my muscles, and helped me maintain my focus and endurance for even longer.

2. Combination selfies

The ubiquitous gym selfie is almost a requirement, at least that’s the message from social media. Working out at home means that the bathroom mirror selfie can also count as your gym selfie. You can blow your Instagram followers’ minds!

3. Recess is fun

Move and have fun. Since no one is watching, you can turn your exercise into a game and see what type of workout you enjoy most. A sense of play is a healthy approach to life, but especially towards exercise. Remember when you were a kid, and exercise was incidental to living? Approach your workout like a fun endeavor in which you get to see where you’re strong, where you could use improvement, and what works best for you. No embarrassment necessary.

4. Clothing optional

You’ve got a pair of misshapen and stained sweats? Great, you can work out at home. No one cares whether you’re dressed in the latest hot outfit or whether your top matches your bottoms. You can wear that old t-shirt from that 5k you ran 10 years ago, and yoga bottoms with so much pilling that they could be mistaken for an area rug.. Working out at home shifts the focus to the movement of your body, and not what is covering it. It won’t matter how much it cost you to buy, what brand it is, or if it’s sagging around your butt.

5. It’s all you

Female or male, we all do this. In an environment where bodies are the focus and on display, it’s easy to see everyone else in the gym and feel inadequate. In spite of ourselves, we notice who is thinnest, who’s got the biggest behind, or who can lift her leg highest. When it’s just you in your living room or garage, the distraction of comparing yourself to others can fall away. You can meet yourself where you are, and make the exercise about your personal achievements. The only comparison is where you started, and as you make progress, where you are now.

6. No “scene” to worry about

Let’s face it, the gym is a place where the sexes observe and scrutinize each other. It doesn’t have to be a problem, but sometimes you’d rather just be sweaty and unattractive, and not worry about who’s looking.

7. Less expensive

Gym memberships are an extra expense, and usually involve being pressured by a salesperson into a monthly commitment. Working out at home costs next to nothing. You may wish to buy a few pieces of equipment to get set up, but after that it’s basically free.

8. Time keeps on slippin’

You can set aside the time you need to exercise, without adjusting for the drive back and forth, or needing to pack all of your work clothing so that you can make one trip. Get up and workout right before breakfast, and shower in the comfort of your own home. No worrying about rush hour making you late for class, you can start your workout at your leisure and finish early if you need to, without begging forgiveness of an instructor.

9. Your sanctuary

Your home is your castle, and working out there means you’re the queen. You can blast your own music, or keep it turned down. You won’t be assaulted by the noises of loud grunting and slamming weights from the lifters showing off for each other. You get to create the space that fits you the best. Create a mood with lighting and plants, or keep it strictly functional. Either way, you get to set up it up how you like it.

10. Your meditation

Allow this time and space that you create to let yourself go deep. Whether it’s in a literal sense, or figurative, you are creating a practice to yourself, and this is where the actual change occurs. The external evidence of exercise is why we typically seek to start working out, but the internal effects are where you will find the most satisfaction.