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Eventbrite Is Pulling Some Cannabis Events From Its Site, Leaving Organizers Frustrated

Well, this is concerning.

An article in Forbes details how cannabis events are being pulled from the website with no explanation. The article links Marijuasana's Boston event as an example of the inconsistency of Eventbrite's policy. 

I'm hoping that the ticketing platform has decided that CBD yoga is not in violation of the law. The article states that a spokesperson for Eventbrite said in the article as saying that legal hemp products do not violate the platform's Terms of Service. Also, because my pop ups that allow people to consume cannabis are all held in private residences, meaning that no laws are being broken. 

At the time of this blog posting, all is still well. I really they allow me to continue without interruption, because Eventbrite has proved essential in getting my business off the ground. While I am hoping for the best, Marijuasana is actively pursuing an alternative ticketing method, just in case.