Labor of Love

Announcing the new and improved! This new website has been a long time in getting off the ground. When I look back on this year and the expectation I had for when I thought it "should" have been be completed, I realize that: 

I was so naive!

This took way more effort than I had anticipated, and I am by no means finished. In fact, now that I have a container in which to put all the stuff that I "do", my brain is bursting about what else needs to go here. But at least I finally I have a place to keep a huge portion of the writing and work that I've been doing. And all will come in good time.

At the beginning of the month I woke up to the news of the Las Vegas shooting in Boston. I stored my luggage at Rowes Wharf that morning, and had planned to play tourist at the aquarium. But the news from Las Vegas was just looming too large in my brain. I needed to burn off the emotional energy, so instead I walked to Cambridge where I found a metaphysical bookstore. It felt nice to move my body, and once I made it there, the crystals and tarot cards seemed like a better setting for my mood.

While there, I picked up The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and then walked back to the harbor to catch the water taxi to Logan Airport. On the plane home I merely read the introduction where she prescribes writing the "morning pages". The morning pages are 3 pages hand written (crucial!) done upon first waking up in the morning. The idea is to write in a completely open way, just spewing whatever comes to mind. Is it negative? Good. Put it down in the morning pages. Is it emotional and stream of consciousness dribble? Even better. The morning pages is the outlet.

I got home that night and the next day started the practice of writing morning pages every day. Since then, the flood gates have opened up on my productivity and creativity, and I feel like I have tapped into my passion and purpose again. The junk that comes out in the form of the morning pages is what has been blocking my flow this whole time. It's like getting a tune up so your brain runs with better gas mileage. And I'll be honest, I haven't even cracked open the book again, though I do intend to! I have been so preoccupied with getting this site ready, there hasn't been any time. (The morning pages are a miracle).

So this site is a product of what has been brewing in my head and heart for quite a while. The issue was that I had lost my voice, and didn't have the proper medium to belt it out with. Now that it's launched, I realize that the work has only just begun.

You'll find the upcoming pop ups that I have scheduled and their various locations. The press page will get you caught up on the articles and interviews that I've been doing for Marijuasana, and be sure to explore the my writing on the blog.

As you look it over, realize that it has been created by a person who literally just inhaled a crash course on building her own SquareSpace website, who has also been getting little to no sleep for the past 2 weeks. (In other words, you will find typos and places where I'm sure I trailed off), There are several minor tweaks that might happen as well, so check back regularly to see how it's coming along. This hydra has been a difficult beast to keep tabs on, but I do love her so. Do me a favor and email or DM me with the "opportunities" that you find? I really appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy!

Love, Stacey