Lining it up

Tree in Discovery Park, Seattle, WA.

It's coming together. All the dense, painful residue is begining to dissolve and get washed away. 

I've been looking into the astrology of this year. I've been curious about what the year may hold, but also afraid to look. I was honestly afraid I would see more signs that told me to run. Messages telling me I needed to stomp on the pedal with everything I had. This past year was very uncomfortable and challenging for me. I felt like it took everything I had just to show up. But I'm starting to understand that It all needed to happen in order for this last layer to fall away. Being stripped down, and cornered on the ledge, at least jumping into the void has the quality of authenticity and truth.

This year will give us time to integrate the lessons that have battered us. We will be granted space to make ourselves whole. To heal. 

You're reading this because you feel it too. Perhaps we met each other and felt the pull, but there was too much in the way. Too much we still had to accomplish and set up, and learn, and get ready. And it's starting to happen. Our preparations were wise. The ship will finally come to shore.

After a while I've learned that it's truly easier to allow myself to get pulled along. I still try to paddle to certain parts of the stream, trying to avoid the uncomfrotable and scary sections. And sometimes I get a gut feeling that you should set an intention for one part or the other. Mostly though, I'd like to trust. And I believe that we know each other for a reason.

Thank you. Love to you. Namaste.