Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Cover of Marijuana Goes Mainstream Magazine

Ganja Meets Chakra

I was interviewed for this magazine in the Summer of 2017. It came out in December, right in time for the holidays!

I was so grateful for the opportunity, and especially pleased when I discovered that I was quoted alongside one of my fellow cannabis yoga teachers, Dee Dussault. I admire her work greatly, and am so glad to be working alongside her for spreading the word about consuming cannabis with mindful movement.

Stacey Mulvey holding up the Marijuana Goes Mainstreem magazine.

The magazine is an anthology that includes areas of our culture where marijuana is gaining acceptance.  This is so significant to me, given my company's mission of promoting acceptance and integration of cannabis into our lives.

The portion of the article where my comments begin is right under the header "Yoga Spliff and Chill". How awesome is that?

This standalone magazine is being sold at news stands everywhere. 

[It’s a] misconception that you lose control of your body when you consume cannabis. People take things at their own pace in my classes, with or without cannabis, so if you feel that a movement is too much for you, or beyond your level at this point, you just don’t do it”.
— Stacey Mulvey