Marijuasana Teacher: Antonio Aniello

Antonio Aniello headshot, Marijuasana Cannabis yoga teacher.

Why I'm so excited about Antonio


Antonio was a guest of my first class in Boston. He practiced in the first row, and as the class progressed I sensed that he was resonating to the movement cues that I was using.

At the break, we met and I quickly learned why he seemed to be tuned in. Because besides being dedicated to teaching yoga, he is also a Pilates teacher!

Antonio Aniello | Marijuasana | Pilates Teaser

The method of Pilates imparts somatic awareness, which is an essential component of the Marijuasana experience. In learning to teach Pilates you gain a language and understanding of the body; and it the process of becoming a Pilates teacher gives you a deep and unique understanding of human movement. We immediately bonded over our shared love of the Pilates method and the way it had completely changed our bodies and lives for the better. Becoming a teacher of Pilates transforms you in a way that's hard to describe to those that haven't also gone through it. We also shared how cannabis had assisted and supported our individual journeys in learning and teaching mindful movement.

Because of all this, I am thrilled to announce that Antonio is teaming up with me to teach Marijuasana classes in Boston. 

Antonio Aniello's Bio 

Antonio is a Boston based Pilates mat, Pilates barre, vinyasa yoga & Yin yoga teacher; Pilates mat certified through the Equinox Training Institute in Boston, and 200-RYT through David Vendetti and South Boston Yoga, via Prague, CZ. 
His Pilates and yoga journey began in college in 2004 when he was playing D1 tennis and looking for ways to gain a competitive edge as well as maintain his body from the stresses on the tennis court. After a summer of playing APT satellite tournaments he hung up his racquets and found a desk job.  After a few years it became clear sitting behind a desk wasn’t going to work out, and he followed his passion, got certified and never looked back.

Antonio doing a yoga pose

To book a Marijuasana session with Antonio, check out our Boston schedule below. Class descriptions will list which teacher is handling class.

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