Product Review: Cannador

Cannador Travel case for cannabis

For the past year and a half, I've been traveling quite a bit. Every single trip has been related to my career in the cannabis industry. So traveling with cannabis is something I happen to be very familiar with. While I'm not always entirely comfortable with the idea. it's essential to my life.

While the TSA doesn't make cannabis a priority, it's still illegal to fly with. The policy of the TSA is that it does not actively screen for cannabis. If they found cannabis and decided to take any action, the only action would be to inform the local law enforcement. If you're flying out of an airport in a state with recreational weed laws, chances are the most they will do is ask you to toss it. I fly with relatively small amounts, so I'm not worried about illegal aspect as much as I'm looking for convenience in a travel accessory for cannabis.

Look how sexy it is!

The design of this product is what I love most about it. Besides being functional, it's damn good-looking. 

I've have had the pleasure of taking my Ballistic Nylon Travel Case with me on two trips so far. Once to Alaska, where I conveniently brought all my supplies for my Marijuasana in Anchorage pop-up and now it's here with me in Seattle. The modular design allows me to customize it the way I want. I even packed a few of my gem stones and crystals in there, because I knew they would be protected by the abundant plush segments that are included to keep breakable items secure.

It gives me the opportunity to stay organized and keep all my essentials in an elegant and professional looking case. I brought it with me to a business meeting regarding cannabis and when we ended up sitting at a conference table, I felt very pleased to take it out and share. I even got a couple of oohs and aahs for the aluminum Storage Canister from those that were present. 

My only suggestion is that they design a line with some fancy feminine touches. A few shiny or glittery flourishes would convince me to upgrade and gift this one to a male friend. (Keep me posted Cannador!) 

Travel in style with the Cannador Ballistic Nylon Travel Case

Travel in style with the Cannador Ballistic Nylon Travel Case

For the Executive Stoner

As far as being a stoner goes, I identify as such, but as more of an executive stoner. A high lady. Not one of those weirdo stoners. (It's a wide group).  

Seriously though; it is a wide set of people that consider themselves stoners and I love that companies like Cannador have created products for people who travel; and who want to do it as stylishly and worry free as possible.