The Novel Tree

Stacey Mulvey and Allie McAboy at The Cannabist Awards 2016 in Las Vegas

Stacey Mulvey and Allie McAboy at The Cannabist Awards 2016 in Las Vegas

Dispensary Yoga

I am beyond thrilled to be teaching Marijuasana's first dispensary yoga class! This one-of-a-kind class will be set in the beautifully designed The Novel Tree dispensary in Bellevue, that also doubles as an actual art gallery and community space. 

The Cannabist Awards

Last year in 2016, I went to the awards party for The Cannabist held at The Paris for MJ Biz Con, a cannabis industry trade show. I happened to sit down on a patio couch that was across from a lovely couple. The wind was blowing; and in November in Las Vegas, your weather app may show you what looks like a decent and non-jacket-requiring temperature, but when you step out of your hotel and end up getting blown half-way down the Strip; you realize (too late) that you've made a huge mistake. Because I had visited Las Vegas many times prior, I'd had the foresight to bring a stuffable down jacket along with me when I'd set out for the party, and as I was pulling it on, the sitting woman across from me remarked that she was wishing she had brought her own.

So we struck up a conversation. They were Chris and Allie McAboy, and it became apparent right away that we all had major synergy. As we spoke about the industry and our shared love of all things weed, they shared the intention they had put into the design of The Novel Tree Dispensary retail environment as a beautiful, yet comfortable space where people felt at ease. We discovered we were in agreement in our belief that cannabis deserved credit for being the wellness product that it is, as opposed to they way it is currently being pigeonholed by mainstream society. I told them about my vision for Marijuasana, and how I hoped it could break down the stigma towards cannabis by educating people about CBD while allowing people to explore the benefits of yoga. 

They told me how at their dispensary, The Novel Tree, they were conscious of what they saw as a responsibility to their customers. They explained how they wanted to make sure every product offered to the patients and recreational consumers had been thoroughly evaluated for quality. They worked with local and small farmers to ensure that the weed they selected for their dispensary was grown using organic soil and growing methods . They wanted the purchasing experience for visitors to be about what was smelled, seen, and felt while exploring fresh, top-shelf cannabis. The vision they had was crystal clear; and it was music to my ears. 

So after chatting up a storm with them, and thinking they were absolutely amazing, it came as no surprise when they revealed that they had been nominated for the Customer Experience award.

Allie McAboy with 2016 Cannabist Award Pineapple for Customer Experience

Allie McAboy with 2016 Cannabist Award Pineapple for Customer Experience

The Winners

Pretty soon we paused our conversation because the show started. Ricardo Baca took the stage and started awarding Pineapple D'ors to the distinguished winners. Their category came up, and The NOVEL TREE WON! I was excited to see them get acknowledged as cannabis industry leaders for their care and deliberate effort in giving a wonderful experience to their customers.


Ricardo Baca with Allie and Chris McAboy of The Novel Tree

Ricardo Baca with Allie and Chris McAboy of The Novel Tree

The Seattle Event

It is my company's mission to position cannabis and hemp as being integral to a healthy lifestyle. By doing mindful techniques like hatha yoga, we come to understand that cannabis will end up magnifying our intention, whether it be for healing, for fun and relaxation, or for mindfulness. The Novel Tree weaves art, holistic health and love for community into their family-run cannabis business. So they are very much in line with what Marijuasana teaches. Teaming up with professionals like the McAboys is a no-brainer for me, and I'm honored to collaborate with them.

Marijuasana provides two types of classes, and this particular class that will be held in the dispensary will be CBD only. This means that we plan to stay in complete compliance with Washington State guidelines. No prior or on-site consumption will be allowed at this community event, and all attendees must be 21 or older. But still plan on receiving the complimentary CBD hemp tea and oil that is provided at every Marijuasana yoga class.

There will be cannabis-friendly yoga classes in Seattle, and The Novel Tree is sponsoring them. But these will be held off-site and in a private residence in Ballard. 

Can you believe we'll be doing yoga in an actual dispensary?! How cool is that? 

Can't wait to see you there!