History of Jazz

Jazz was started in New Orleans, by mostly black musicians that preferred smoking marijuana over drinking. Alcohol dulled the senses, while cannabis enhanced their creativity.

They found that its influence affected the metrical structure of the music through it’s distortion of tempo and rhythm, and that the lack of inhibitions in the mind and body opened up to experimentation. This is why Jazz often receives criticism from those “who don’t get it”,because it lacks the structured patterns  and a prominent schema that we can rest our expectations on.

Jazz evolved in America during a time when the past way of doing things  were being questioned. It was a new music of America, and as it spread through industrial black cities like Kansas City, Denver, Detroit, and Chicago when New Orleans’ redlight district closed, the rebellious culture it represented did too. It attracted the youth, and those that didn’t concern themselves with what the establishment thought.

Improvisation and free expression are at the core of Jazz music, and as we’ve seen, cannabis is inextricably linked with its origins as a genre. Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow, a Jewish saxophone player who describes the ability to hear his own sax as being enhanced, the vibrations it made against his lip as being more pronounced, emoting his phrases came easier, and an inhibited flow of music that seems to pour from his instrument with seemingly no effort on his part. “There wasn’t any struggle; it was all made to order and suddenly there wasn’t a sour note or a discord in the worlds that could bother me”.

When Jazz musicians opened themselves up to their creative nature and let themselves channel what was coming through them it upset the notions held by some about what acceptable music is. But it went on to change the world. ( this sentence is the same as two paragraphs up “Jazz evolved in America during a time when a lot of the past way of doing things was were being questioned, and it came to influence the way of the entire world.”)

Music and movement are analog, just dimensions of creativity that literally intersect in our brain. Yoga is the new Jazz because it has begun to be affected by cannabis, and is challenging the notions of what yoga is and how it should be.