In the Alphabet Versus The Goddess, surgeon and writer Leonard Shlain states that there are two modes of perception, that we could classify feminine and masculine ways of thinking. He proposes that while humans have liberal features of both, "holistic, simultaneous, synthetic, and concrete view of the world are the essential characteristics of a feminine outlook; linear, sequential, reductionist, and abstract thinking defines the masculine". The play of energy between these two opposites could be seen as the Yin Yang symbol, where the whole is not complete without a balanced and equal half.

Our society skews toward the masculine (in the transcendent sense) because he says, when we began to read and write, our brain predominantly which meant that used our left-side to process these skills. Reading and writing words uses linear, sequential, reductionist ways of thinking,

The feminine method, where simultaneous comprehension, or the gestalt of something, was literally underutilized when speaking or writing, and so the Goddess, and her wisdom fell out of favor in several aspects of our history, society and mythology, not to mention our way of thinking and perceiving the world.

Further more, according to Buddhism,when we encounter new data, there is a sequence to knowing and seeing the true nature of things. This is called 'prajna', or "penetrating insight. 

Prajna - Penetrating Insight or Wisdom

  1. Sensory (Taste) - Listening, conventional studying. There is a quality of “fresh mind” curiousity, observation.

  2. Taking In (Chew) - Contemplation/reflection.Putting yourself in the equation. “What’s coming up?

  3. Integration (Digest) - Meditation/Integration. Quality of surprise. We don’t know what will come up.