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BOSTON - Yoga Day - June 21, 2018

  • Backbay Newbury Street Boston, MA United States (map)

Thursday - June 21 - YOGA DAY

Classes all weekend!

Yoga Day Weekend in Boston

Thursday - Hatha Yoga @ 6:00

"Essential" Marijuasana class, hatha yoga for all levels.  This is a fab combo with the Crystal yin class, following at 8:00. Your muscle tissue will be warm and have lots of circulation for an even deeper experience in yin. Select "Crystal Yin" add-on when checking out, and celebrate Yoga Day with two amazing and inspirational classes. 


Thursday - Crystal Yin @ 8:00

Crystal Yin is a unique class, one taught to the accompaniment of crystal singing bowls, played by Boston local and renowned musican Josh Nunn. Yin is an opening yoga style, where we hold poses for an extended period of time, and allow gravity to take over. The vibrations from the crystal wash over you while you journey through your own anatomy. Can you stay with yourself? Or will you allow the opening? The exploration is what's important. 

Special package for the evening, if you'd like to attend the hatha class held at 6:00, in addition to the yin class for only $49, select add-on 'hatha' at check out.