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Yoga Day Weekend - Friday, June 22, 2018

  • Backbay Newbury Street Boston, MA United States (map)

Friday - June 22

Classes all weekend!

Yoga Day Weekend in Boston

Friday - Hatha Yoga @ 6:00

"Essential" Marijuasana class, hatha yoga for all levels. Immediately following is Lit On Lit, a smash-hit creative writing class. This is a great pairing for your body and mind. Explore what messages arise after the somatic exploration of yoga. Sign up for both, only $54.


Friday - Lit On Lit - 8:00 pm

Lit on Lit is a cannabis friendly creative writing class where we explore "open form" writing. Open writing is a type of writing that develops organically, and done purely for the sake of it , rather than for a purpose or with an end result in mind. The format is designed to be fun and has a relaxed vibe, but you will receive direction through prompts and exercises to explore. After each exercise, you'll get the opportunity to share if you wish. Do the yoga class at 6:00 and get both for $54.