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Impact Marketing

Marijuasana events are memorable events that leave a lasting impression. They position cannabis as a wellness product combined with holistic activities like yoga, creative writing and painting. Classes are a unique opportunity to position your brand or product in a setting with a unique audience that is interested in the integrated wellness applications of cannabis.

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Building Community

Marijuasana fosters an inclusive and diverse community of people. Classes attract mixed genders and age groups, and often first-time yogis, painters and writers. The aspect of acceptance towards cannabis signifies an open-minded attitude towards people of all types. (Something we are proud of).

Call it Kismet

Yoga and cannabis, you and Marijuasana. Some things were just meant to be. 

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Class Options

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CBD Classes

Held in commercially zoned spaces that are open to the public. No cannabis consumption takes place, only hemp-based products made of cannabinoids like CBD (and less than 0.03% of THC) are made available for sampling. Recommended option for dispensaries, convention halls, traditional retail and studio space.

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Consumption Friendly

Private party, “BYO” cannabis option in rec-legal states where consumption is legal in a private home. This is an exciting opportunity to explore social consumption in a supportive setting, and while participating in a creativity based activity.


Tea Bar

Marijuasana Tea Bar is a key feature of each event, serves complimentary hemp seed tea, distributes samples and serves as a gathering point where guests gather to socialize with each other, and engage with product demonstrations.

  • Tea and hemp-oil
  • Brand materials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Samples
  • Gift bags

Nationwide events


 Cannabis Yoga Pop-ups are held nationwide.
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Types of Events


90 min
30 sq. ft per person

Marijuasana’s signature somatic yoga classes synthesize education on how and why cannabis supports holistic health, while doing the activity of yoga. 

  • Descriptive cues full of imagery to describes the movements, so that attendees conceive of their bodies in novel ways. 
  • Cannabis, and products containing CBD affect the proprioceptive sense, enabling people to conceptualize embodied space and motion differently. 


2 hour class
Tables and chairs

Ignite the creative spirit with cannabis. Pairing THC with painting quiets the inner censor, and turns up the creative vibe to eleven. 

  • Learn a painting while smoking weed.
  • Private class held in a home due to social consumption
  • Tea Bar may optionally offer additional food & refreshments 


2 hours

420-friendly creative writing class that explores open form writing, done purely for the sake of it. Class format is fun and relaxed, but includes specific writing prompts and exercises.

  • THC in cannabis increases blood flow in the creative right hemisphere, opening you up to a wider variety of mental associations.
  • Great in combination with Marijuasana yoga

Interested in hosting or sponsoring a MarijuAsana event? 


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Schedule a Group Class

Group classes are for clients that are handling the venue aspects, event marketing, booking and event organization; and merely need to book a teacher/class facilitator or speaker. 

  • The $249 Event Marketing & Organization Add-on means you'd like to utilize Marijuasana's world-class event and marketing services (equivalent to becoming an Event Partner.
  • For classes over 20 people, or to book a combination workshop, please select the Larger Class Add-On for $150.

Standalone Services

For clients that would like their brand or product present at a currently scheduled Marijuasana event. 

from 249.00

Impact & digital marketing services in conjunction with cannabis-themed activities, and event management.

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