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Far From Equilibrium

Far From Equilibrium dynamics is the underlying physics of life and provides us with a scientific framework for understanding the creative expression of life and consciousness. 

It describes the tendency of molecules to self-initiate coherent organization which provides the structural basis for life. This behavior is considered emergent. Emergence is when a complex system has properties the individuals that comprise the system do not. The simple entities in an environment are organized from the bottom up.

Furthermore, FFE explains that energy and mass are properties of matter that flow through the dimension of time. In order to maintain organization, there must be a flow to energy. Energy has an innate tendency to find organization, and this tendency is a flow that produces the bioelectric nature of all living systems.

Molecules organize in a cooperative fashion, and find inventive ways to create these fields of energy. The flows that the molecules generate provide the structural basis for probiotic chemistry and ultimately, life. Moreover, life has increasingly more complex organizational structures, such as cells, tissues, organs, systems of the body up and finally to consciousness. (We can then also apply this schema to interpersonal dimensions like family, community, politics and religion).


Because the key qualities of FFE systems are generative and fractal-like, it is important to note that they are not linear; meaning that you often cannot sequentially trace an outcome back to the source.

Dr. Bob Melamede's work in the field of cannabis medicine is the basis for this explanation. through him, I learned that FFE  is the reason for the global quality of the body's endocannabinoid system, and how the ECS is a microcosm of the physical processes that are responsible for its creation. It facilitated a breakthrough for me where the "knowing" I possessed about the intersection of cannabis, movement and music in the body was wisdom (internal and experience) based; and I did not understand it in a logical way that I could explain to others. His work enabled me to understand this as knowledge and as a whole.

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Understanding that this is the underlying physics for life, helps us conceptualize our evolution, and is a way to see the entire Universe.
— Dr. Bob Melamede