Create Your Own Mala

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Malas are prayer bead necklaces made of 108 beads. Meditating with a beautiful keepsake that you created for yourself is an incredibly transforming practice, and can manifest major shifts in your life.

Step 1

Select your semi-precious gemstone beads and the cord color for the knots that will be tied between each bead. Your selections will be sent to you in a kit, with your beads pre-strung on a thread made partially of nylon for extra durability. The tassel is made of high quality cotton embroidery thread, and is matched as closely as possible.

Step 2

Attend a free live demo in Las Vegas for instruction on how to create your mala, or register for a Zoom webinar. (Recordings of workshops will be made available to registrants after class).

In the workshop you’ll set a personal intention into your stones and get guidance on how to tie knots between each bead, and how to hand wrap the tassel. During the instruction on making your handmade mala, you’ll receive education about symbolic meaning of malas, and the role of the endocannabinoid system in meditation and yoga.



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 Throat Chakra


 Heart Chakra


Solar Chakra

 Sacral Chakra


Root Chakra