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Our consciousness is within a plane of existence located on a planet that orbits a star. We breathe, and we live. Gravity is a universal force that pulls us toward the ground. Do you channel that force through your body with ease, or does it drag and tug on you because of repetitive movement and habitual patterns? Learn how the mindful application of cannabis and movement serves as medicine for mind and body, and begin to flow through your life. 

In these videos I've tried to capture a few of the sequences that I've developed and performed with my own body to gain relief from pain. As a teacher, I've also instructed clients in these sequences, and have gotten feedback that they work for them too. While I wish I could give everyone a private lesson, these are the next best thing. They have given me relief from pain and tension, and can do the same for you. Neither yoga or cannabis are not a substitute for medical advice, nor are they a panacea for everything that ails you. But making the decision to consciously move your own body will reverberate through your life in more ways than one.

Marijuasana Foundations

Inhaling is taking in all the good and worthy in your experience. Exhaling is releasing whatever no longer serves you. Take a win in life by consciously breathing. Breathe it all in, and love it all out with Jalisa Williams, founder of Soul Flower Denver, and instructor for Marijuasana. 


The Essential Marijuasana sequence, taught by Stacey Mulvey. This hatha yoga flow encourages somatic movement, where you experience your body from within and discover the unique patterns of your own anatomy. Follow along with Stacey for advanced options, or watch Jalisa for modifications until you're ready to progress. Simply listen to the cues that are spoken and explore your own movement as you transition through the poses. Consumption of cannabis and your choice of hydration is encouraged prior to starting the video, then plan to refresh again during the intermission. 

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This sequence is designed to create space and ease in the neck and shoulders. First we open and stretch the muscles around the shoulders, so we can access the delicate tissues of the neck more effectively. Once the shoulders are free, we target the neck by stretching in several ranges of motion. There are exercises for the neck in this sequence, because adding strength to the front of the neck can relieve headaches and neck pain, and invites the antagonistic muscles of the back of the neck to lengthen even further. Consuming cannabis prior to this sequence may create a relaxing and mindful experience, allowing you to master the delicate structure of the neck and shoulders. Done daily, this sequence may provide significant relief.

Your core is the very essence of you. So why is it so elusive? Sitting all day and modern life can create noise that distorts our signal to our center, and we may end up bearing down, or pushing out as a means to use our belly. This short instructional video helps you discover the contents of your abdomen and tune into your deepest core muscles. Doing the video will relieve back pain. Use the sensation you experience in this video throughout your daily life, and especially during all your Essential Marijuasana movement. Contemplating your core is a moment to moment endeavor; explore the Marijuasana approach to core with this short sequence.

Yoga is about more than just stretching. 

The tissues of our legs tend to be the loudest when we start to a practice of stretching and lengthening, but did you know that inflexibility can also indicate a level of weakness? If stretching is not balanced with strengthening you may eventually cause an injury. Challenge your alignment and balance on a regular basis with this "harder than it looks" strengthening sequence, and you'll find that you're able to go even deeper on your next go round in stretching.