Video Features Benefits
Foundations - FREE
Breathing * Intro to Breathing * Understand breathing as a metaphor for life
Essentials - $2.99/month or $29.99/year
Cannabis Yoga * 60 minute class designed and taught by Stacey Mulvey
* Somatically-based cues rich with imagery
* Focuses on opening hips and full spinal range of motion
* Movement is basic and accessible, with optionals advanced movement incrementally added during each round.
* Creates space in the body
* Promotes healthy and increased circulation
* Includes spinal extension, rotation and lateral flexion all of which can contribute to a supple, flexible spine,
* When incorporated with cannabinoids, recovery may be reduced through increased circulation
Premium - $4.99/month or $49.99/year
Neck & Shoulders * 27 minute video taught and designed by Stacey, for her private Pilates clientele
* Releases musculature of shoulders
* Strengthens anterior cervicals
* May improve and reduce headaches
* Relieves neck pain resulting from chronic forward flexion
* Opens and stretches tight chest muscles
Legs * 6 minute video taught by Stacey Mulvey
* Builds strength in lower body
* Balances stretching with strength building
* Increases awareness of proper alignment
* Promotes muscle tone
Core * Identifies, strengthens and releases abdominals * Relieves lower back pain
* Creates awareness of pelvic floor and core
* Strengthens abs