Class Options

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CBD Classes

Held in commercially zoned spaces that are open to the public. No cannabis consumption takes place, only hemp-based products made of cannabinoids like CBD (and less than 0.03% of THC) are made available for sampling. Recommended option for dispensaries, convention halls, traditional retail and studio space.

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Consumption Friendly

Private party, “BYO” cannabis option in rec-legal states where consumption is legal in a private home. This is an exciting opportunity to explore social consumption in a supportive setting, and while participating in a creativity based activity.


Tea Bar

Marijuasana Tea Bar is a key feature of each event, serves complimentary hemp seed tea, distributes samples and serves as a gathering point where guests gather to socialize with each other, and engage with product demonstrations.

  • Tea and hemp-oil
  • Brand materials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Samples
  • Gift bags