Application for Training Program

Application for Training Program


Apply to be accepted into the Marijuasana Teacher Training Program. Application fee is non-refundable.

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Program Components

Teaching Skills

Learn the "tools" every great teacher possesses. We cover topics on authenticity, having a sense of humor, how to read a class, dressing for the role, staying in the role, choreography, verbal skills, and more. Emergency procedures and contraindications are touched upon, body mechanics, leveling up and ways to modify any activity.


Every great teacher and class has spent time and energy to marketing, but this doesn't come naturally to everyone. Get tips and instruction on developing a marketing plan, maintaining a presence with a website and social media, and in person. 


The Marijuasana Training Program requires that each trainee keeps a teacher journal. Understand the importance of documenting your journey in becoming a teacher, and develop the habit for self-care and seizing control of your own narrative in your life. 


This module explains movement and Unconscious Perception, and systems of the body. The Nervous system and bones of the body are explored, proper alignment of the skeleton, neurotransmission, and the application of cannabis to movement.


What is the Endocannabinoid System? Gain expertise in cannabis sativa, and the science of terpenes, different methods of consumption, and how cannabis affects us physiologically and psychologically.


Marijuasana teaches a method of visualizing movement that is found in no other yoga teacher training program. Understand what it will "tune" the bodies or you and your students whether done alone, or when combined with cannabis consumption. Learn the "Lines of Movement" developed by Dr. Lulu Sweigard, and taught by Irene Dowd. Enhance your knowledge of anatomy as we delve into specific areas of the body: the head and neck, shoulder, hipe & knees, foot, and the core and pelvis.

Exercise Information

We study physical activity, and get a complete picture of how this affects the body in order to completely support our students in class. Recommendations for duration, frequency of breaks, perceived exertion, for water and food are included in this module.


We discuss the definition of yoga, the cornerstones, the ethical code, and what it requires. Layered throughout each module are various poses that are taught in the Essential Marijuasana sequence.