Event Partner

Event Partner

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Impact & digital marketing services in conjunction with cannabis-themed activities, and event management.

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Event Partner Packages include:

Digital Marketing - Custom-made branded social media graphics, and cross-promotion. Exposure to event audience through:

  • All relevant social media channels (business & personal accounts, Facebook event listing)

  • Event booking hosted through Marijausana’s e-ticketing platform

  • Listing on Marijuasana.com event calendar

  • Brand mentions and hashtags prior, & concurrent with event. 

  • inclusion in Marijuasana Newsletter 

Impact Marketing - Unique and memorable experiences cultivate influential marketing opportunities. 

  • Product merchandise in gift bags or at Tea Bar

  • Branded signage or postcards

  • Product samples (where compliant)

Organization & Planning - World-class event management prowess and experience. 

  • Securing of venue space

  • Scheduling of any necessary travel or support staff

  • Event space setup, guest check-in 

  • Tea Bar service

  • Client gets 60% ticket revenue share after first 40 guests

  • 2 hours of additional event planning related tasks