Yoga Teacher Training Program


200 HOUR Comprehensive Cannabis Yoga Training. Curriculum is self-paced, and completed online. Be among the first trained professional Cannabis Yoga Teachers.


Marijuasana’s pilot program teacher training program is SOLD OUT! Be one of the first to become a trained professional cannabis yoga teacher.

Because this is a new program, and your participation is helping me to make it truly amazing, I made huge savings available to the first enrollees in the program. The normal price will be going up after this round, this is your last chance to pay only $824. (Payment plans upon request).

Teacher Training Program (Pilot)
824.00 3,299.00

Teach Marijuasana

Learn the Marijuasana approach to teaching yoga. Enrollment in this program includes an original, 58 page workbook for download, and immediate and unlimited, lifetime access to our online learning management system, Marijuasana Online. Pilot program pricing of $824,

  • 200 hour program

  • Comprehensive, in-depth course taught over a 16-24 week period

  • 12 months to complete

  • Current yoga teachers may opt for the 75 hour bridge program



Teaching Skills

Even it comes naturally to you, teaching is a set of skills, as well as an art. In this module we discuss the importance of authenticity and maintaining a sense of humor as a teacher; how to teach groups, and how to handle emergencies.  We work on verbal skills and give you practical “tools” for your Teacher Toolbox. 


Teaching means putting yourself “out there”, but that is easier said than done. Marijuasana Teacher Training Program educates you on creating a marketing plan, provides actual audience personas to target, and tips for SEO for your website. We cover general social media skills, as well as the challenges you’ll face when working in the cannabis space,


As a trainee of the Marijausana Teacher Training Program, you will be expected to keep a hand-written journal. Journaling will track  your progress in the program, and serve as an additional record of your journey in the program.


The Marijuasana Teacher Training Program emphasizes knowledge of human anatomy, and the endocannabinoid system. The cannabis wellness industry is just getting started, and graduates of this program will have demonstrated they are knowledgeable and prepared for employment in physician offices or clinical settings.Become a confident, informed advocate and teacher of cannabinoid-supported movement therapy. 

Visualizing Movement

The Marijuasana Method is unique among cannabis yoga programs for two reasons. First, because of the level of knowledge needed to become a certified teacher; but also because of the liberal use of, and accuracy of the verbal descriptions we use to teach movement. Learn how to create your own descriptions and metaphors by first learning to “see” movement correctly. This program instructs trainees in using” vectors” of movement that apply to universally to human anatomy, to better understand correct alignment, and speak the movement to every level of practitioner.

Exercise Concepts

Terms and concepts related to exercise science, such as recognizing the optimal exertion level in your clients, and how to modify of level up any exercise. 

Integrating Cannabis

We investigate why cannabis affects movement, and ways to visualize these concepts. How to find your therapeutic dose window, and how to educate others about the current facts, and emerging research on cannabis.

Flow & 8 Limbs

Blending the philosophy of yoga with the secular concept of Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


Trainees must complete a practical teaching, performance, and 3 hour final exam in order to complete their program.

Internships Components

  • 75 Hours - Required reading, live calls, quizzes and homework

  • 75 Hours - Practice Teaching

  • 50 Hours - Workouts

Video Calls

We meet as a group every other week for a 1.5 hour call to review topics, and delve more deeply into material. Trainees are invited to ask questions, get to know one another, and contribute their thoughts on what we are learning.