Call it kismet


Certain pairs seem destined for each other. Like peanut butter and jelly, or milk and cookies.

Cannabis and yoga are just such a match. The combination is delicious; your body opens up, your senses and consciousness begin to flow. What seems at first like an indulgence turns out to be a mindful activity that creates self love and wellness. You are doing this for yourself. And that doesn't need a reason.

Yoga videos for cannabis lovers. Cannabis + yoga; YOU and Marijuasana.

Some things are just meant to be.




Free to everyone, this membership gives you access to Breathing with Jalisa Williams, Marijuasana instructor and founder of Soul Flower Denver. In this video she explains how inhaling is taking in all that is good and worthy in your experience, and that exhaling is releasing whatever no longer serves you. Take a win in life by consciously breathing. Breathe it all in, and love it all out with Jalisa.



The next best thing to attending Stacey Mulvey's signature cannabis yoga class. This level gives you access to over 60 minutes of instruction. This is the class taught at pop-ups in cities around the country, and is now available wherever and whenever you find the time and space for yourself. Moving never felt so good with this healing series of yoga poses to open your body and mind. 



Additional instruction to accompany the Essential class, with over 90 minutes of yoga and mindful movement instruction for creating space and ease in your body. In Neck and Shoulders, Stacey teaches a special 30 minute sequence she designed for clients with shoulder and neck pain. The Core series will help your lower back, and build strength in the muscles of your lower body with the Legs video.